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Xultun Tarot reviews

The new edition of the Xultun Tarot is cause for celebration. The Xultun was the first “cultural” tarot, adapting the European images and structures to a very artistic and spiritual tradition. This has become standard but it was Peter Balin’s deck that showed the way. It is fitting, therefore, that we now have Michael Owen’s deep study, using the insights and wide-ranging knowledge of Jungian studies to open the deck up further and re-connect the Mayan images and teachings to traditional tarot, psychology, alchemy, and ancient wisdom teachings.
Rachel Pollack, author of Tarot Wisdom

Out of the Xultun Tarot, Michael Owen has created both a memory device and a philosophical machine that twists together the threads of spiritual alchemy, Jungian psychology, indigenous medicine teachings and DNA coding. Owen shows that, in Peter Balin’s single painting of the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot, we have a multi-textured tapestry that depicts the Self from a shamanic perspective. This is a profound book of wisdom that will richly reward the reader who has an affinity for these teachings. It offers a fresh look at the tarot and its myths and symbols that can take your personal work with any tarot deck to a new level.
Mary K Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card

It is a facsimile of the pioneering 1976 Maya inspired tarot by Peter Balin. It is a very faithful, high quality production, with large 137 mm x 89 mm cards in vibrant colours, on an ever-so-slightly heavier card stock, but with superior trimming and corner rounding! Oh, and a nice new back design, and a bold new box.

Sumada, Aeclectic Tarot Forum

The new deck is indeed lovely and is very strong work. I think the subtlety of the differences is in fact a testament to the great effort that has gone into producing this new edition of the Xultun Tarot. Kudos to Kahurangi press for giving so many more tarot people the chance to experience this deck.

KhonsuMes, Aeclectic Tarot Forum